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Capparelli Artisan Pasta

Handcrafted - Slow Dried - Good for you


Our catering services offer a diverse and flexible range of options, catering to a variety of occasions and gatherings. From working lunches, where we provide delicious and efficient meals for business settings, to larger corporate events that demand elevated culinary experiences, we ensure every detail is tailored to your needs.


For family gatherings, we create warm and inviting menus that appeal to all ages, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.


Additionally, our expertise extends to intimate dinner parties with friends, where we curate delightful dishes and handle all aspects of the culinary experience, leaving you to enjoy quality time with your guests.


No matter the event size or style, our catering is designed to impress, offering flavoursome food and impeccable service that will make your occasion a memorable success.

Our Vision 

For us, food and people go hand in hand – it not only provides our livelihood, but it brings us together, sparks joy and creates memories.  Our community of people make us who we are and when you shop with us, you’re helping to support local communities here in the UK. We’re dedicated to using our business as a force for good, which is why we champion our teams and create a positive workplace where everyone feels included and valued.

We know every decision we make has an impact, so we strive to reduce our footprint in any way we can. That’s why we always look local first – we are passionate about supporting farmers in and around Belfast, where we live and work.  Championing British, organic ingredients means nutritious food that considers the earth and its inhabitants first. Organic farming helps to protect our soils and promote biodiversity – a win win for all of us. Our commitments continue with our packaging, ensuring we use as little plastic as possible, instead housing our delicious food in materials that are food safe and come from renewable or recyclable sources and are fully recyclable. We set these principles in place on day one. As we grow, we will constantly look at ways to make progress and improve.

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