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Burnt aubergine, tahini, mint, pomegranate

Burnt aubergine, tahini, mint, pomegranate

Indulge in a taste sensation with our Burnt Aubergine, drizzled with creamy Tahini, and adorned with fresh Mint and juicy Pomegranate.

Roasted to perfection, the burnt aubergine offers a smoky and tender delight that will captivate your taste buds.


The velvety tahini sauce adds a luscious and nutty touch, perfectly complementing the roasted aubergine.

Sprinkled with fragrant mint leaves and adorned with vibrant pomegranate seeds, this dish becomes a refreshing and vibrant feast for the senses.

Embrace the delightful fusion of flavors—a tantalizing blend that will leave you enchanted and craving for more. A true celebration of Mediterranean-inspired delights.

  • Info:

    Portion size: 500g

    Vegan, GF, NF

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