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Butterbean Hummus , roasted red onion, parsley salsa

Butterbean Hummus , roasted red onion, parsley salsa

Dive into a tantalizing dip experience with our Butterbean Hummus, paired with Roasted Red Onion and a zesty Parsley Salsa.

Creamy and luxurious, our butterbean hummus boasts a velvety texture that will captivate your palate from the first scoop.

Roasted red onion adds a delightful depth of flavor, infusing a hint of smokiness and sweetness to the dip.

Topped with a vibrant parsley salsa, this dip becomes a refreshing and herbaceous delight that harmonizes all the elements flawlessly.

Enjoy the perfect blend of Mediterranean-inspired tastes in every spoonful—an appetizing medley that promises to leave you enchanted and coming back for more.

  • Info:

    Portion size: 500g

    Vegan, GF, NF

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